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The Longevity Summit is the leading global integrative wellness event redefining how we live our lives optimized at every age and every stage of life.

Learn from over 100 of today's leaders as we explore the latest cutting-edge science and technology paired with ancient wisdom and teachings for modern solutions that will allow us to more fully flourish and thrive.

From age rejuvenation, epigenetics, lifestyle, biologics, sustainability, self-development, to spirituality, wealth, wellbeing & everything in between, discover how to ignite your longevity life!

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Discover how to reverse age, perform at your peak and live a thriving life today and everyday. Join this groundbreaking event as we discuss the science and soul of lifespan, healthspan and wellspan and what it takes to look, feel and live our best life to 120, 150 and beyond!

Meet Some Of Our More than 100 Summit Experts & Speakers With More Being Added Every Day

Kent Holtorf MD

The Peptides of Longevity

Larisa Petrini

Optimize Your Skins DNA to Be Flawless at 40 and Beyond

Aubrey De Grey

Understanding Where We Are with Longevity Research and Life Extension

Dr. Melissa Petersen

The Epigenetics of Longevity- How to Unlock Your Code to Thrive at Every Age and Every Stage of Life

Dr. Tom OBryan

How to Build Longevity One Bite At a Time

Dr. Jim LaValle

Inflammaging- what it is, why it matters and how to stop it for enhanced health.

Neil & Nina Patel

Immersive Technology- The Future of Health and Thriving

Duncan Ross PhD

Exosomes and Longevity

Founder of Kimera Labs- Experts in Biologics

Faraz Khan

Anti-Aging Hacks for a Full Head of Hair

Kirk Parsley MD

Sleep Expert CEO Parsley Sleep

Tracy Gapin MD

Mens Health, Hormones and Precision Longevity Expert

Dr. Lareesa

The Estrogen Doctor and Women's Health Expert

Gina Bria

The Structure of Health in Our Water

Founder of the Hydration Foundation

Dr. Elena Villaneuva

Brain Health Expert

Dr. Stephanie Rimka

Rest and Recover for Health and Longevity

Dr. Mickra Hamilton

Co Founder Apeiron Zoh

Shannon Kaiser

5X Best Selling Author- Joy Expert

Giselle Koy

Epigenetic Spiritual Consciousness Expert

Dr. Patrick Porter

How Technology Can Help You Access Your Ageless Brain

Daniel Stickler MD

Precision Health Expert

Siim Land

Live Longer with Stress

Best Selling Author -Biohacker

Dr. Mercola

The 6 Essentials to Longevity

Global Health Expert

Shawn Wells

Ingredient Scientist
Biochemist, & Formulator

Patrick McKewen

Best Selling Author- Oxygen Advantage

Michael Meighen MD

Regenerative Medicine

Sandra Kaufman MD

The Kaufman Protocol

Dr. Isabella Schaffer

The DNA of Longevity

Darryl Edwards

Play Your Way Young

Primal Play Fitness Expert

Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen

Preconception Expert - Longevity Begins 120 Days before Conception

Gabriel Lyons MD

Longevity Expert

James Maskell

Functional Medicine- Community Health Expert

Dr. Ashely Beckman

Detox and Natural Health Expert

Here are just a few of the key topics you can expect to dive into during this 5 day event.

Enjoy rich content, interviews and teaching sessions showing how cutting edge science and technology paired with ancient teachings and therapies can produce modern solutions to flourish and thrive at every age and every stage of life!

Flow & Peak Performance

The Flow State is well known in the mainstream these days. While everyone seems to be chasing flow, there is often a limited understanding of how this state actually expresses. Join our experts to understand how to take a precision approach to live a high-performance life and create an environment to cultivate human flourishing.

Age Rejuvination

Leading-edge science and technological advancements have provided unprecedented discoveries in the field of aging and age rejuvenation. Regenerative therapies and advanced strategies have been proven to restore youthful expression to the entire system regardless of chronologic age. Learn from the world’s trusted authorities with clinical experience in performance and longevity to provide the potential to redefine age and what it means to live a thriving life.

Cognitive Enhancement

Awaken, Activate and Amplify the power of your mind to thrive. Everyone is jumping on the cognitive enhancement bandwagon and looking for the limitless pill in an attempt to get more done, experience greater creativity, innovate and promote better concentration, focus and attention. While there is no total systems limitless pill, we now have precision tools to optimize and enhance cognitive capacity. Learn how to leverage these exciting opportunities to create a thriving new experience.


The science of epigenetics reveals how our daily environment and outer world signals and informs the inner world of our bodies triggering physiological functions and responses at the genetic level.  This is the science of lifestyle that moves beyond the outdated story that genes are our destiny. This reveals how our perception, interaction and response to our environment is what is informing our destiny. We explore nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, hormones, environmental design, mindset and more to give you the understanding of what is available and possible to put you in the driver's seat to create a thriving longevity life by precision design.  

Technology, Treatments and Therapies

Discover the latest technology and treatments that are supporting enhanced thriving at every age and every stage of life. From VR & AR to Wearables, Lasers and Cryotherapy, the potentials are being explored and new expressions of health experienced. Get ready to learn how you can look, feel and live life optimized through leveraging technology to enhance your humanity

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Meet Your Host,

Dr. Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa and I believe you were born to flourish and thrive at every age and every stage of life. Today we live at an exciting point in history when lifespan is extending and thanks to cutting-edge science and technology paired with ancient wisdom and practices we can now offer modern solutions that are allowing us to not only live longer but to truly live better from preconception to 120-150 and beyond.

For more than 20 years, as a best-selling author, speaker and thought leader in epigenetics and precision longevity, I've been on a mission to reveal how we were born to thrive by design through unlocking the genetic potential within. This has allowed me to bring advanced precision health solutions to my fellow experts and enthusiasts alike wanting to ignite the potential within to more fully lead, love and live life to the fullest. 

Join me as I bring together today's best minds to share what is possible so together we can be ageless and live limitless. 

Access Your FREE 5 Day Longevity Summit Access Pass-

Learn from Over 60 Health Optimization, and Precision Longevity Experts PLUS When You Sign Up Now, You Will Get 5 Added Value Longevity Living Bonus Ebooks and Guides to Keep You Thriving at Every Age and Every Stage of Life!